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Running Whilst Sick

21 Oct

So you’ve got some bogies up in that schnoz of yours huh? You’re sick. It’s that time of year. You’re stuffed up and sneezy and sometimes you feel a little dizzy but that’s the fun part so you don’t mind. The question is, are you okay to run?

Now, disclaimer, I am not doctor. Plus this show contains graphic images that may not be appropriate for all audiences. Viewer discretion is advised. But I promise not to mention boogers again (boogers). Just keep my lack of medical expertise in mind and, for maybe the fourth time, please don’t sue me. I’d only be able to pay you in tears and old college textbooks.

But I do have experience with running while sick, and I’ve read a lot about it so here are some of my expert tips:

I literally found the most disgusting photos I could. I thought black-and-white people were a little more civilized than this.

The Number One Rule:

If you feel sick from the neck up, you’re good to go baby. Shove some tissues in your gel pockets and blast off because it’s runnin’ time. A poor imitation interspersed with snuffling and sneezing would be alright too. The point is, if all you’re suffering through is a head cold, your body can withstand a run. I even find that my sinuses clear right up once I get moving. Just make sure you do what your mama always told you; take it easy and drink plenty of fluids. This is no time to try to beat your PR for the 5k. Nice and easy is the way to go.

On the flip side… if you’re feelin’ it from the neck down, stay right in that bed sir. Seriously. If you’re anything like me, it kills you to miss a workout. Even if you feel like a steaming pile of it, missing that run (in your mind and mine) will only make you feel worse. The way I deal with it is to remind myself that running in that condition will only prolong my recovery time. So take it easy. Not runner-easy like I mentioned above where you cut your run 2k from 25. Sit. At. Home. Drink tea, do whatever makes you feel better. Now is not the time to push it.

I am so sorry.

The Number Two Rule:

Despite everything I just said, you’ve got to listen to your body. Sometimes a head cold is bad enough to keep you at home. And sometimes a little tummy-ache shouldn’t keep you from your run. Only you can tell what’s right for you.

Those are my two personal rules I follow. Admittedly I’m not so good at the listening to my body part (read about my appendix issue if you feel up to it) but I’m trying. I remember one morning, the day after I’d experienced some severe post-surgery pain I won’t get into, my mom caught me trying to sneak out for a pre-dawn run. I honestly did feel much better, and it was just a 6k, MOM, god. But I know I should have taken the day off. It’s a learning experience and it’s harder for some people than it is for others (psycho Type As like me have trouble).

So best of luck with your training as we head into cold and flu season. Hey maybe we should all get that shot them people keep talking about? Or not, as usual.

My last tips? Stock up on tissue (boogers haha) and do what feels right. Enjoy the weekend everyone! Plus: