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Energizer Night Race

13 Nov

Okay so it’s been a while since I posted but I was up to all sorts of cool kid stuff so I won’t apologize.

One of the cool kid things I was doing was the Energizer Night Race, which, hello, was mega-awesome. You can tell by the name. This race was held last night after sundown in Stanley Park (a giganto park next to downtown Vancouver) and was sponsored by Energizer batteries. Not only did we get these stylish neon shirts:

I've always found neon green to be flattering.

But they also gave us headlamps! To wear! It was mandatory to wear the headlamp, which I didn’t mind because as we know, I’m already quite fond of them. Here’s the headlamp:

No unicorns were harmed in the making of this headlamp.

Please notice that it bears no resemblance to a unicorn horn. This I’m both pleased and slightly disappointed by.

Also, here’s me with the Energizer bunny:

There is a man inside that bunny.

That smile is a tad forced. I had an epiphany one day when I realized that there are actual people inside mascot uniforms… and now they just creep me right out. Also:

Stranger Danger!

You’re welcome.

So I organized a group of kids from my Commerce club at school to run the race with me, although… I didn’t really stick with them. But it was nice to get there and back together.

Now for the race. It was just a 5k; I’d wanted to sign up for the 10k but it was full. The route followed the seawall, starting at Second Beach and heading towards Denman and on, then doubling back on itself.

The race went well, although very quickly. I’m used to longer distances where you sort of settle into your pace and join a group that roughly matches you. I had a feeling that many of my fellow runners were first-timers, given that I was passing everyone (unusual, see title of this blog) and that NO ONE would stick to the right hand side. I spent the entire race dodging around people who were going too slowly. Which meant landing in about eighty thousand puddles.

Oh wait I didn’t mention the rain? IT WAS POURING. Like full-on Vancouver downpour. I’m pretty sure I saw some drowned woodland animals but I didn’t look too closely. Now I don’t mind the rain one bit. I don’t even mind puddles. But when I’m forced to slosh through one after the other… I get a little angry.

Of course, the race planners cannot be blamed for the weather. However, I do wish that they had made an effort to make sure everyone understood basic race etiquette. But the headlamp kind of makes up for it.

I checked the results this morning and I beat my PR by 1:15, bringing me below the 30-minute mark to 29:33. Although not very fast, it did land me in the top 100 of 600 racers and 19th (of 86) in my divison, so, uhhhh… suck it.

Cool kids always do thumbs up right?

The only other running-related cool kid thing I’ve been up to? Only starting my marathon pre-training this morning with a nice 7k! HOLY BATMAN. I’m nervous but so excited! It has begun!

Happy trails everybody!

Dear Deer

14 Oct

"No no don't worry about us. We're just here to steal your soul."

This is how I begin most of my mornings. Being stared down by a couple of deer.

I guess technically I don’t run at night… I just run so early in the morning that it’s too dark to see. At what time of the morning does it become not night and just early morning? Whoa okay guys I’ll try not to get too philosophical here.

The point is, often when I start my runs, it’s dark out. This can be anywhere from 5 – 7am. I wear a headlamp that looks similar to this one:

Headlamps: allowing kids to pretend to be as glamourous as miners since 1965.

Only it sticks out even further. I don’t think they even make the kind I have any more. Picture a unicorn that fell in a vat of industrial waste and now has the superpower of emitting a weak light through its horn. Which could have been accomplished with the unicorn’s inherent magic anyway. That’s what I look like. But you know what’s great about running at night/ so early that it’s dark? No human being is out and about to witness your shame!

But you know who do enjoy the early mornings? The deer. I live in a place where deer are very common. To point where they ain’t Bambi anymore, just unruly kids who eat up your tulips. The deer are simultaneously my comrades and my archenemies. Sometimes I give them a cool head nod like ‘hey bud, what’s up? We’re just two creatures hanging out at night, enjoying eating leaves and stuff’. Sometimes I even say hello if I’m feeling bold enough.

But you know how the deer respond, no matter what I say? They stare. They just stare at me, with those glowing eyes in the light of my headlamp. It’s unnerving. It forces one to recall that hey, wow, that deer is mighty big and remember that one video where a doe mauled a dog with her hooves?

So you start to back away, but they’re still watching you, stock still. They’ll continue watching you as you run off down the road. They won’t move until you’re out of sight. So don’t glance back, because those eyes… will be watching you.

Oh hiiiii. That's a nice headlamp you got there. I think I'd like to keep that headlamp.

Okay well that's just adorable.

This was supposed to be about the technicalities of running in the dark but I got side-tracked, by deer, as usual. Maybe tomorrow.