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Photo: Brace Yourselves For The Resolutioners.

28 Dec

Just had to reblog this! You meet so many new eager people at the gym in the first week of January… and then you never see them again. Best of luck to all resolutioners though! I started my health kick as a resolution and I’m leaner and meaner a year later. You can do it too, I swear.

Marathon Sweetheart

Ha ha ha!!!!


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AM Runs

28 Dec

Just taking a mid-run nap.

I started my run this morning at 6:30. It was of course dark out when I began and it stayed dark for my entire run. On early morning runs like this one I’m always amused by the number of animals I see versus the number of humans. The ratio was especially lopsided this morning because most normal folk are staying home instead of racing to work for the “laziest work week of the year”. Today I decided to actually tally up the results.

  • Deer: 4
  • Dogs: 2 (more interested in their early morning escape than in chasing me.)
  • Racoon or maybe a skunk it’s hard to tell: 1
  • Humans: 2

Note, those humans were not outside-humans, they were warm-in-their-car humans.

So this morning it was me and a forest’s worth of glowing eyes.

It’s even better in the summer on Sunday mornings. I’m always alone with a herd of early birds/mammals/reptiles too sometimes and it’s bright enough at 5am to see them all. The only time I ever see humans that early on Sunday mornings is when they’re stumbling home from the bar. The look on such people’s faces as I run cheerfully run past is absolute bewilderment.

Maybe this will convince you late starters to try a run in the early AM. Trade in speeding traffic and surly commuters for some peace and quiet. And feral animals, if you’ve got them where you are.

In the meantime, I hope everyone has time off work and is spending it eating too much with friends and family! Happy holidays!

Merry Christmas!

24 Dec

Running up a jerk of a hill this morning in the pouring rain (in the words of Joni Mitchell, it don’t snow here, it stays pretty green), a passing motorist screamed at me to “Do it for Baby Jesus!”

I tried my best, I really did.

Merry Christmas to all who celebrate it and peace and joy to everyone else! Try going for a run tomorrow morning. For Baby Jesus.

On Highbeams

20 Dec

So I’m back… to complain again. About drivers. Ohhh that’s right, again. I’ll be honest, I’ve got a little bit of hypocritical road rage; I really hate pedestrians (and slow drivers in the left lane) when I’m driving, and I really, truly hate cars when I’m running on the roads.

Actual photo: Me at the wheel.

I spend roughly half my training time on roads. I run on the road for two reasons: either it’s too dark to hit the trails (because whenever I run through the woods at night I become 100% certain that the Jabberwock is chasing me) or because my run is too long for the trails near my house. So pretty much, whenever I’m running on the road, it’s dark, especially this time of year. So I’ve made a lot of observations and built up a lot of anger. And running’s supposed to be therapeutic. Huh.

I’ve previously complained about drivers who don’t give a girl some space, but today I’d like to address a more universal problem: high-beams.

“Oh, high beams? That’s silly, I’m a very considerate driver, I always turn off my high beams when I see approaching cars.” This is what you’re thinking to yourself, I know. And this is why I hate cars.

What you never do (this I know for a fact due to vast life experience and all-knowing tendencies) is turn down your headlights for pedestrians. I wish to do my fellow road runners a favour and make a public service announcement that will reach approximately 23 people:

Runners and other pedestrians are roughly at the same eye level as those drivers you oh-so-considerately turn down your lights for. This means that we are equally blinded by your lights. Only we have a lot more to lose in a head-on collision with you. Namely our lives.

Not sure if jerkface approaches or I'm dead and Jesus is calling me home.

I realize when you drive past me in the morning that you’re in a rush, on your way to work or to drop the kids off at school or whatever. I totally understand. But my compassion ends when I trip into a ditch because my retinas are being flooded with your stupid headlights and I can’t see where the road ends and soggy hatred begins. This luckily happened to me during the early weeks of fall so I didn’t end up man-slaughtering anyone. However, I don’t think I can legally be held accountable for my actions if my face ends up being what breaks the ditch ice on a winter run.

So please, respect the people you’re sharing the road with. Because one day you may drive past me with your high-beams on and I may just snap. Nothing makes a girl believe she can run faster than a car like blind rage.

So that’s my newest pessimistic observation. This is all starting to make me sound pretty down on running but I really do enjoy myself 99.99% of the time. But no one wants to hear me wax poetic on how nice the winter sun is when it breaks over the tree-tops or how clear the air is in the early morning or how I saw a squirrel give another squirrel a nut and it was really cute. Good news is boring news. So enjoy my venting! Hopefully you guys have a better go of it on the roads.

Neither a glass half-full or empty kind of gal. Just wondering who drank my water.

I’m Back!

18 Dec

Hi so I’m not dead. I am, however, terribly sorry about being a horribly irregular updater of late. My excuses range from final exams and papers to just not feeling like it. But I’m back now and hoping to be a little more regular.

All wrongs are forgiven, I presume? Christmas puppies can heal all wounds.

I did manage to stick to my training, which I’m still somewhat surprised about. There were times I was so busy I forgot to eat but I never skipped a run! As you may remember, I’ve been in pre-training for my first marathon for the last five weeks. Tomorrow however marks the first day of actual training. I’ve been maintaining mileage at about 34 km a week for the past few months and now that average will slowly start to rise.

And, I officially registered for the Vancouver Marathon 2012! BAM. Honestly, I didn’t really realize that I had committed to running this thing until I had to spend $110 to register. So now it’s real. And oh my god, you guys, have you noticed HOW LONG a marathon is? It’s 42.2 kilometers! THAT’S A FAIR DISTANCE. I hadn’t really thought about the actual distance until I a) reviewed the course (which, for locals, starts at the Queen E park, passes through Pacific Spirit park and out around UBC, cruises through Kits and the Seawall, and ends at Canada Place. So yeah) and b) thought about where I could complete my long training runs. For example, the longest pre-race run I have to do is 38 km. That didn’t phase me until I realized I’d have to run across town, and back, and then across town again just to fit that distance in.

So I guess right now, in regards to running, I’m coming to terms with the actual effort I’m going to need to put into completing this goal. But you know what? I’m not any less excited to do it.

Stay tuned for more regular posts, and Merry Christmas to everyone! And if you don’t do Christmas, please enjoy not having to work and also not having to see family! The best of both worlds!

(I’m just kidding family. I like you guys.)