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Winter. Barf.

20 Nov

Nuff said.

So it’s getting cold here. I don’t know why but I’m always so surprised by the first cold days of winter. Especially because I’m usually sick. It’s like a double kick in the pants, and Mother Nature, I do not appreciate it.

I had to officially pack away my running shorts and I’m not happy. My ears feel cold when I go outside. After runs I can’t move my fingers. My dog doesn’t want to come with me because she’s too cold (and a big wuss).

My feet get so cold I start to lose feeling in my toes. I painted my toenails blue and you can barely notice the difference. Waking up to darkness, cold in bed, and knowing it’s going to be worse outside… it’s like a little mental world war III just to get up.

I have to wear pants. I hate pants. Then I put on a long-sleeved shirt and jacket and sometimes a rain shell, then my gloves and a headband and a hat and usually a headlamp and Jesus it’s like a workout just getting out of the house.

Every day of my life.

But the biggest problem I have is when I get home from the run. My arms are so stiff I spill my protein shake all over the kitchen. I’m so cold that putting a bathrobe and sweatpants on doesn’t help at all. It takes a 45 minute shower to warm me up and even then I need to put on a lot of layers.

I’m fine on the run, in fact often a little too warm, but when I get home I start to absolutely freeze. As far as I can tell, from my limited research, is that my body was trying to cool itself down for the entirety of my run, and that mechanism takes a while to switch off, leaving me shaking next to the heater.

So, my question for you guys, is if this bone-chilling cold happens to you when you get in from a run and what you do to lessen its impact. Because I’m literally dying here. So any advice?

My Watch Never Hits Pants O’Clock

27 Oct

Apparently we both wear the same brand of watch.

So my water bottle froze just a bit today on my morning run. I noticed when I tried to wash down a gel only to choke on ice chunks. Maybe where you live, this wouldn’t be surprising. But we don’t really get winter here. The dog’s water bowl only freezes about twice a year and it’s a pretty big deal when it happens…  although poor dumb Ruby doesn’t usually notice. But it shocked the hell out of me, especially considering I was only decked out in a (thankfully long-sleeved) tech shirt and shorts. I’m still thanking whatever is was that made me decide to bring some gloves as well; otherwise I’m sure this typing would have caused some rotten fingers to fall off. Just last week I wore the same long-sleeved shirt and was so hot I rolled the sleeves as far up as they would go and tucked the bottom into the band of my sports bra (you’re welcome construction workers).

Please pleeeease don't follow me home.

And then I nearly froze my ass off today, which is saying a lot, because god knows I’ve got some insulation around them parts. So I guess winter is here. And I have no idea what I need to keep warm. So I did some research and thought I’d share with you.


So apparently, you need to wear pants. Some of you may be more okay with this than others. Basically, you need to layer up that body of yours like a lasagne. The degree and type of cold (dry versus wet, like ours) is going to vary, so use that life experience of yours to judge how many layers to wear. Gloves are a necessity. Maybe two pairs. Maybe a scarf. Hat yes, your grandma’s mink coat, no. Synthetic materials that will wick sweat but keep heat in will go a long way.

But what if you just HATE pants? First off, been there friend. Let’s just say jeans have not touched these gams of mine in a long time. I’m okay with leggings though and today I’m going to go buy those Lululemon ones I was talking about.

But MOOOMMMMM no one else is wearing pants!

And sir or madam, you’re just going to have to make yourself like pants (and long-sleeved shirts and gloves and ear warmers and everything) because if you don’t, and go run around like an idiot with cold muscles, your chances of injury will sky-rocket. Remember how everyone ever has recommended you warm up by walking or jogging before your start your run? Yeah, there’s a reason. Cold muscles do not adjust well to a sudden increase in effort. Sometimes they protest, like a little Occupy Your Body, except instead of disorganized chanting, they BREAK. AND IT HURTS. So… probably a much more effective protest than an Occupy Whatever…

So effective. I really feel his message.

So just do it.


Don’t wear your old shoes. They are old. This means that the treads are going to be pretty worn down. You’ll only need one patch of black ice to end your training for a couple weeks. So unless you really enjoy broken bones, or at the least skinned palms, wear your newest pair, even if they’re brand spankin’ new and you don’t want to mess them up with mud or snow.

There’s another option which I think I might try out… which involves driving screws into your old shoes so you can dig in best in ice and snow. If I end up doing this I’ll keep you updated, with photos of the massacre of course.

That’s it I guess. I’ll let you know how my layering goes, and maybe detail any frostbite I get. Look forward to it.

Happy winter running everyone! Try not to lose any body parts this season!

I would also protest about this.