Winter. Barf.

20 Nov

Nuff said.

So it’s getting cold here. I don’t know why but I’m always so surprised by the first cold days of winter. Especially because I’m usually sick. It’s like a double kick in the pants, and Mother Nature, I do not appreciate it.

I had to officially pack away my running shorts and I’m not happy. My ears feel cold when I go outside. After runs I can’t move my fingers. My dog doesn’t want to come with me because she’s too cold (and a big wuss).

My feet get so cold I start to lose feeling in my toes. I painted my toenails blue and you can barely notice the difference. Waking up to darkness, cold in bed, and knowing it’s going to be worse outside… it’s like a little mental world war III just to get up.

I have to wear pants. I hate pants. Then I put on a long-sleeved shirt and jacket and sometimes a rain shell, then my gloves and a headband and a hat and usually a headlamp and Jesus it’s like a workout just getting out of the house.

Every day of my life.

But the biggest problem I have is when I get home from the run. My arms are so stiff I spill my protein shake all over the kitchen. I’m so cold that putting a bathrobe and sweatpants on doesn’t help at all. It takes a 45 minute shower to warm me up and even then I need to put on a lot of layers.

I’m fine on the run, in fact often a little too warm, but when I get home I start to absolutely freeze. As far as I can tell, from my limited research, is that my body was trying to cool itself down for the entirety of my run, and that mechanism takes a while to switch off, leaving me shaking next to the heater.

So, my question for you guys, is if this bone-chilling cold happens to you when you get in from a run and what you do to lessen its impact. Because I’m literally dying here. So any advice?

One Response to “Winter. Barf.”

  1. jobo November 21, 2011 at 5:48 AM #

    Yikes,. that sounds awful…part of the reason why I run inside almost always when it is cold out. That and I am a wuss when it is cold! I hate it. And my lungs hate it too. No advice from me, but I’m curious what others think!

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