Okanagan Half Pre-Race Nutrition

10 Oct

I have to be honest here; I am no expert whatsoever on nutrition for training or to prepare for races. I’m not even slightly educated in the sense that I feel I could fake it in front of non-runners. I try to eat healthy all of the time but if I’m honest with myself, I probably don’t eat enough carbs. Carbs being the nutrients that even the fatty watching Oprah knows runners need to stay fuelled. I eat a heck ton of fruits and vegetables but I tend to avoid breads and pastas. I do eat pasta the night before my long run once a week and I eat oatmeal and quinoa almost daily. That’s it for grains though.

So I was kind of uncertain how to go about eating in the days leading up to my race. I ate a little more than usual, but no big difference in types of food consumed. The night before, I ate a butt load of pasta with broccoli, spinach, and onions. I tend to mix my food together in a big ol bowl so that mix might sound gross to you but I really liked it. I woke up at five the morning of the race (with a start time of 7:45) to have some oatmeal with a few raisins. This part I was most uncertain about. I had never eaten before a run at all. Ever.  I always run first thing in the morning; rolling out of bed and eating when I get home. This works fine for me, because I usually run about 5 or 6 in the morning. But with this late start time, I knew I needed to eat something. I was real nervous though that switching up my eating the day of the race would be a bad idea; visions of side-of-the-road barf breaks danced in my head. I also had a little caffeine at 7 and left for the race, feeling a little anxious.

But everything turned out just fine! See my next post for the race report y’all!

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