Running to Music

8 Oct

Are you someone who exercises with music? I most definitely am. When my iPod got stolen, I was most upset about losing the $2.00 silicon case that could attach to my armband. Thankfully, I found a new one but it was close. I run with my iPod Nano, 5th generation. Soon I’ll do a post about the Nike+ device that I use to facilitate my running, but today, it’s all about the music.

I want to talk about my playlist, and, if you’re so inclined, I would love suggestions. However, I’m pretty picky on what music I listen to. It’s got to be catchy, with lyrics I can sing along to (in my head… usually), a good beat, and, most importantly, it’s got to make me want to dance. Admittedly, it’s not hard to get me to dance, even if no one wants to see it. But dance music really makes me want to move, and that helps while I’m trudging uphill on kilometer 19.

My playlist is also very eclectic; I’ve got a wide selection of classic rock (Chuck Berry through the Stones and on), a few choice Miley Cyrus (Supercool, superhot, living like a rockstar!) tunes, angry country, and some dirty rap and hiphop. Here’s a bit of a selection to give you an idea:

I Believe in a Thing Called Love – The Darkness

Sin Wagon: Dixie Chicks

I Will Survive: Gloria Gaynor

Wannabe – Spice Girls

Jukebox Hero – Foreigner

Til I Collapse – Eminem

No Tomorrow – Orson

Get Up Offa That Thing – James Brown

We Will Rock You – Queen (Of course!)

Grace Kelly – Mika

The New Workout Plan – Kanye West

Whip My Hair – Willow Smith

Check it Out – Will.I.Am

Thriller – Michael Jackson

Like a Prayer – Madonna

Beautiful, Dirty, Rich – Lady Gaga

When I Grow Up – Pussycat Dolls

Bust a Move – Young MC

Welcome to the Family – Little Big Town

I Like You So Much Better When You’re Naked – Ida Maria


That’s only a small, small sample. But get the idea? What kind of music do you listen to? Any must have songs? If you’ve got the Nike+, what’s your power song (incidently, mine’s Til I Collapse, Eminem).

As for my training, the half is this weekend you guys! I’m headed to Kelowna tomorrow morning. I’m so excited, and mostly not nervous. Stick around for a race report, and happy Thanksgiving to all!

P.S. Watch for me stopping to dance every time Wannabe comes on…


One Response to “Running to Music”

  1. missmorganmelim October 20, 2011 at 12:34 PM #

    I LOVE how random your list is. Mine is all crazy like that too. I usually do a Little Adele to start off, then go into some 50 cent, then maybe a little Katy Perry followed by The Raconteurs. I have to mix it up a bunch or I get bored! I’m stealing some of your songs.

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