Me as a Runner

28 Sep

I thought I’d take the opportunity to give you a little background about my experience as a runner as well as a few of my training goals.

First off, I started (technically) running in a Learn-to-Run 10k program in January of 2009. I followed that program religiously and finished my first 10k with a time of 1:11:36. I stopped running after that for about a year until I started jogging again, albeit infrequently. It wasn’t until April of this year that I decided to take running up again as a serious work-out plan. I had had a good gym pass at university and once home I was seriously feeling the lack of exercise. So I started running, programless, three times a week while upping my mileage a bit more each time. I felt directionless though and decided to start a training program. Having done the 10k, I set my sights on the half-marathon, with race day conveniently falling on my birthday. Now I’m in maintenance mode as I go into my next half-marathon in a couple weeks. I’ve also completed a few more 10ks over the last couple of years.

Now for the future-stuff. I am going to run a marathon. That’s that. I plan to run the Vancouver Marathon in May of 2012. In a few weeks I will start pre-training with runs five times a week, with the full plan beginning in December. I’m actually just excited to get started. I have no goals on time or anything like that; I just want to finish. After that, I’m going to run another marathon, and then another. I want to run New York, London, the Great Wall, and Boston if I ever get fast enough. I want to run a marathon on all continents but for Antarctica, and maybe there too. I want to travel to new places and discover the area by running through it. That may not sound fun to you but it seems like my idea of heaven.

Feel free to comment with your own training accomplishments and goals!

One Response to “Me as a Runner”

  1. cd0678Chelsea October 14, 2011 at 6:57 AM #

    You go guuuurrl! I will let you know that your running is paying off! 😉

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