My Second Half

27 Sep

I gotta tell you, it was tough deciding just what I should discuss in my first real post. I have many comments to make about running, primarily because nobody I know is crazy cool enough to run like me. There’s a lot of pent-up running-related rambling up in this head of mine. Sorry if I spew anywhere near your new Nikes.

I settled on a rather pressing issue, which is an upcoming race I’m facing in a week-and-a-half. October 9th, 2011 y’all. Yes, Canadian readers, that is Thanksgiving Sunday (and by the way, Americans, Thanksgiving in November? You crazy. Wait… Brits don’t have Thanksgiving at all? What a world). And before you get upset that I’ll be missing Thanksgiving dinner, hold your horses folks, I’ve actually worked it out so I’ll get two. Here are the deets:

The BMO Okanagan Half-Marathon:

Does that give you a little hint about where I live? It’s close but not very. This race shall be run in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada. It’s a fairly small city right on a beautiful lake. Around this time of year the weather is quite mild and I’m expecting a cool race day. This is my first time running the Okanagan Half but I know the city fairly well, and I also have family living there. That’s how I worked out the double Thanksgiving; one with my grandparents on the Sunday and one back home on Monday.

Find the race website here. It’s one of those family festival shindigs with a kid’s race, 5k, 10k, Half, and full marathon. It’ll run through the streets of Kelowna before ending up at the starting place. There’s little elevation, which bodes well for me, because I can’t avoid training with hills. Races always seem so much easier.

How do I feel about the race? Good, strong, confident. This will be my second time running the half marathon distance and I’m going into it with no expectations. My personal best time is 2:33:18. See the title of this blog? I run slow, get over it.  I’m hoping for maybe less than my PB but I’m really there to enjoy a weekend with my grandparents, the t-shirt, and the crowd feel.

I’ll post my race report within a few days of running it. Look forward to all the gory details!

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